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ProFACE® is a totally new approach to clown makeup. "Grease paint" as we know it has changed forever with the introduction of ProFACE®. We now have a makeup that goes on easily and will last up to 12 hours - a makeup that can withstand different climates and humidity levels. To help the working clown, we added sunscreen protection and skin care ingredients. ProFACE® Setting Powders, both white and neutral, contain antiperspirants, and our white powder has boosted pigment to meet the intensity of our ProFACE® Clown White. Our powder is ten times finer than other powders and is absorbed by the makeup for a harder set.

Our ProFACE® Makeup Remover is an oil-less base makeup remover containing moisturizers and skin care ingredients. The remover will not affect the eyes or contact lenses; and although our makeups have no fragrance, our remover carries a light apricot fragrance. For those who clown in warmer climates or do physical clowning, we have created "No-Sweat" - a pre-makeup liquid that helps retard perspiration. For clowns with sensitive skin, we offer Barrier Creme to protect the face from staining by the makeup pigments - it is also a good protective barrier for those with chemical sensitivities. We are continually developing and creating new products for entertainers. All the materials in ProFACE® and ProKNOWS® products are environmentally friendly and have never been tested on animals.
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ProFACE Glitter ProFACE Professional Makeup ProFACE Small Size Makeup ProFACE "GALA"
Price $8.00
Price $25.75
Price $9.75
Price $9.75
ProFACE Glitter
Available in 9 colors.
The original ProFACE® Makeup.
8 oz. Economy size.
The original ProFACE Makeup.
9 colors available.
ProFACE® Gala Makeup
ProFACE 5 Color Palette ProFACE Setting Powder ProFACE Makeup Remover 2 - 8 oz. Skin Prep Pro a.k.a ProFACE “No-Sweat”
Price $10.75
Price $8.75
Price $14.75
Price $12.00
The original ProFACE 5-color Makeup palette. ProFACE Setting Powder ProFACE Makeup Remover Skin Prep Pro a.k.a ProFACE "No-Sweat"
ProFACE Barrier Cream 2 oz. Mehron Barrier Spray 2 oz. Lipchick®
Price $6.00
Price $10.75
Price $16.00
ProFACE Barrier Cream Mehron Barrier Spray Lipchick®