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MiPro Digiital Portable Wireless Bundle MiPro Digiital Portable Mini Receiver
Price $550.00
Price $269.00
Mini wireless receiver and transmitter combo for back stage staff communication with a performer.
Includes microphone and ear buds for a complete system.
Mini wireless receiver for performer communication with back stage staff.
(requires transmitter unit on back stage staff)
MiPro Digiital Portable Mini Transmitter Mipro MA101-A
Price $285.00
MiPro personal PA system
Mini wireless transmitter for backstage staff communication with performers.
(requires receiver unit on performer)
Personal Wireless 30-Watt (RMS) PA System
Mipro MA705
MiPro personal PA system 705
Personal Wireless 50-Watt (RMS) PA System